for all large scale in scotland.

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hi all this post is to see how much interest there is out there in
a new 5th scale off-road track in west coast Scotland .

we are a group of around 10 large scale owners and after running in a lot of unsuitable locations, have for the past year been using an old BMX track
in IRVINE . we have found out the land is leased off the council and the owner is keen for us to turn it in to a proper 5th off-road track and with the prospect of having an on-road track some time in the future.

what he wants it a commitment from us(5th owners ) to say they want a track and will use such a facility , so is there support for this ???
we have so far around 10 with a further 40 if the on road track goes ahead
so we need some support .

a meeting has been arranged in Irvine on the 10th feb at the land owners car wash facility .
if you would be interested in attending please PM me and i will pass on the address,
if you are unable to attend but still interested in giving your support to this venture (the very first purpose built 5th scale bashing / racing track in Scotland .)the please post your support buy adding to this post thanks
Be sure to put this over on the HBF. there is about 8 or so Baja owners alone around Scottland.
lucky bastages.
hi lads just a quick note to say that we have a dilligaf forum and we would be more and happy to see some of u guys register and post especially about last weeks events resulting in myself and mark being banned from csor a nitro 1/8th club for life and their committee registering on our forum to throw abuse

so lads please feel free to give your opinions on our forum about last weeks events and support us as we move to build a track here in scotland
New Track.

I used to race down in Stirling (I am in Aberdeen) where the meetings were OK but too many times we would travel only to find the Weather affected the meeting and it was called off (I though it was only us softy southerners who did that!) So I didn't race last year due to the wasted time and cost getting there, this year we are racing Topstox (1/5th scale Brisca stock cars based on a Marder) at Creil Raceway near St Andrews. Any new track has to be good and I would certainly travel with my son and daughter to race our 1/5th Cars and Trucks.
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