Free 1/5th Scale Off Road Race Dec. 9th at Papago.

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Phoenix Arizona
Lets get a list of people that can make it. This will be a free race/suggestion meeting/racer introduction so we can get together and discuss what we need to do for the upcoming 1/5 scale season coming to Papago RC Raceway.

We will open the gates at 9am, start racing around noon. This will be on our current 1/8th scale layout but has only moderate jumps, no motorcross style, so we should be fine. One of my drivers drove it the other night with his Baja and said it was near perfect.

This will be the last race of this layout anyway, so lets tear it up in style. Our next layout will be specifically built with 1/5th scale in mind.

We are located at 3907 E. University Dr. Phoenix AZ Our number is 623-734-6658 website:

So, lets get that list going.

1. Andy Piceno-Baja 5b
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Representives from HPI will be on site with a display tent with a lot of HPI and Hot Bodies products. They will also be racing their personal Baja's.

So the list continues...

Andy- Baja
John (HPI)- Baja
Colin (HPI)- Baja
Vince- Baja
Sean (or SRS representative)- Baja
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