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hiya very new this got a carson attack 2 months ago changing over to marder done air filter,alloy engine mounts,gear carrier lay shaft new gears from clutch to diff,alloy upper and lower front wishbones all fine,then changed the bulkhead a and b now this don't seem right to me the kit recomended was the fg marder a and b kit for the marder off road but there is a subtle difference in the angle on the bottom of the bulkheads what came off the car had a slight angle pitching the bulkhead back the new kit has no angle at all they sit at 90 degeres to the chassis, this has changed the rake(i think) and made the small alloy triangular plate from steering servo to bulkhead to short by 10mm made a new one out of lexan just so i can use it,also the wishbone pin locating holes on new bulkhead assembly are closer to the chassis thus lowering the bottom wishbone to the point that it just touches the chassis plate ,the question is do i use the adjustment plate on the front bulkhead and the adjusters on the wishbone to soak this up and the plate i made is this a done thing ,if youve gone through this and it makes sense please leave a reply thanks for your time
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