Front/Rear Brake Setup

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Chicago, IL
Greetings! I am in the midst of upgrades on my stock FG Stadium Truck. Next on list is upgrading the brakes. I would like to put cable or hydro brakes on the front and rear. I want to run the front and rear brakes on seperate servos. How do I set this up? How do I link the servo on the opposite side of the servo tray to the brake rod? Pictures would be helpful.



PS I will post pictures of my work so far later today.
hey Greg. there are a few threads that have some pics that would help. do a forum search for disc Brakes, and you ll likely find a good few threads with pics therein.

as far as cable/hydro. how much you want to spend? Hydros will be about twice that of cable brakes. Hydros can go from 220.00 up to 450.00 PER PAIR, depending on manufacture ect..

Cable can go from 120 to 250 or so Per Pair. so there is some varriances in price between the units and the manufacturer of each type.

You will also need to upgrade some front and maybe some rear upright parts to get it to work the best. The biggest question is how much do you have to spend?:helpsmilie:
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