fs racing 4x4

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i know that i was wonder how low the quality was. or if it has potential after u upgrade some of the bad parts.
1st I've seen that one. Don't know of anyone owning one? Looks as if they ship for free to where I'm at? Looks like a lot of different ideas crammed into one MCD looking idea.
i found the mfg in china waiting to see what the cost of a sample is. at 800 shipped from aust the cost must be pretty low. the motor is not a cy or zen. but if u spent 200 on a new motor and another 2-3 hundred on mcd parts to make it reliable it would still be alot less than a mcd.
I got my 4wd King Kong 30cc Truck with the chrome pipe delivered yesterday, fired it up today and i have to say, the power is unbelievable, i haven't owned any other 1/5 scale car to compare but this beast tears it up hard, 2 weeks for delivery got mine from www.oversizerc.com . Hope this helps, also if anyone knows where to get upgrades plese let me know,
you could try mike at powerslide, you'd be fitting genuine MCD parts though so they may or may not fit. Thats the trouble with clones - they don't sell spare parts. Let us know how you go with it.

It looks like Auction City have changed their name that they trade under to oversizerc as well...
ive been looking at these too... i wonder?i hope to hear some feedback on them soon.:cool2:
I notice the tires come off the rim a bit too.:( Must of taken it out of the box for a video and put it back in to sell.:clown: Can't imagine why someone that is selling the product would make this video and doesn't see that as a problem?
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