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I had some problems with the engine and believed it to be the carb so that was removed cleaned and diaphragm replaced, I also suspected an air leak so i replaced the isolator and gaskets for a CNC alloy replacement with Teflon gaskets. This did not seem to fix it and I've messed with all sorts of needle settings. So today as a last resort really, i took off the in tank fuel filter and guess what all my problems disappeared. Now the filter was a stocker so I do not know what the issue is here but I did change the fuel line so maybe the engine was sucking more fuel and the filter could not cope.

My question is now what intank fuel filters do you guy's run as i don't want to run it too long without a filter some where in the fuel line.

Hope this experience can be of help to others

this is the old filter

jj222 - Fuel Filter Assembly

Think i'll try this one so how it fairs
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