gear meshing

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i fitted a new drive gear yesterday and everything seemed fine BUT after 20mins it started some funny noises,when i looked the gear mesh isnt very tight and the gears drive wheel(46tooth) had stripped!!:(
is there an easy way to tighten the meshing???

The Leopard uses 18/46 gearing. If it did strip I something must have gotten stuck. I use 18T steel with the 46T plastic spur and aluminum gear garrier. It's been fine for the past year.

Now that I've had the 30.5 race ported upgrade I think I'll be going into the 20-24 gear range! :ph34r:
Is this right whizzy as i just put on a new spur gear but never changed the pinion, i'm using a steel pinion gear, i thought this would only apply if using plastic spur and pinion as they would both wear at the same rate,, could be wrong though as i'm still a relative newb to the big scale.. lol
If you used the same gear you had 16/48 combo, then there may be a few reasons for the stripped gears:
1) the layshaft is bent

2) the engine mounts are weak or loosed the the clutch bell gear is moving.

IF you put a 48 tooth gear on against the 18 clutch bell gear, they do not mesh correctly and that will cause it to strip. Here are the basic gear combos for the fg off-roads
18/46 buggy and stadium models
16/48 all monster models
20/44 for more top end but less of the line
i personally change both gears at the same time,and it works for me...look at it this way ,if you had a mountain bike and the chain kept slipping because the front gear cogs were worn would you just replace the front ones...i doubt it ,surely you would replace the front and back gears........and also very importantly the parts = nice meshing.
as rcnutshobbies said if you change one to a different one than what you were already running u will have to change the other
I'm still running 16/48 just when i bought the MT the plastic spur was well worn but the steel pinion looked like new so i got a new 48t plastic spur.. all in all the meshing is fine, the steel pinion was maybe replaced before i bought it and not the spur....
Yes gearing has to be changed in sets IF you are switching sizes. I have my 20/44, 22/42 and 24/40 ready to try out as soon as I get my smaller carrier back from Chop Suey!!!
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