Gear Plate Brake Mod

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I had forgotten about this old modification until a thread on brake pads came up recently. I noticed when I 1st bought my FG that the gear plate melted due to the heat of the brake plates against the stock plastic. I also noticed that there where two holes in the plate that where not used so I screwed two small grub screws I bought from the hardware store into the holes to hold out the front brake pad from the plate. When I bought my Firehammer shortly after I noticed DuraTrax had used the grub screws as I did and I thought sure enough it was an over sight that FG had forgotten to install the two grub screws to hold the front brake pad out away from the plastic and allow another type of adjustment to the rear brakes. I am not sure if the new models are using the grubs now but I recommend checking and if not doing this:

Take off the gear plate and there will be two holes that are not used (stock):


Take two grub screws and turn them into the holes until they are flush with the inside of the gear plate. Now start your adjustment until it is allowing better rear braking and not rubbing or brake dragging on the brake disks:

You will now notice slightly better braking, less servo stress, and your plastic plate not melting like this:
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I'm thinking they are 5x10mm but what ever will fit the hole.:blush: Honestly I just went to the hardware store with the cage and fit whatever would bite its way in. I did not get a size but, if you could post the size you use that would be great. I now have a crap load of different grubs in a box and have no sizes to any of them.:no:
haha, I am man. I hate cold weather with a passion. If I don't have to be out in it then I won't. I don't know how you do it up in Minnesota!

I have done this mod and works gr8t, just a thought but could you also put say a small spring or fuel tube in between the pads 2 ensure the release fully ?

just an idea
hi you could use the springs out of a clik pen i did that on my on road fg bmw for all round breaks.hope that helps it did the tric for me
he guys...question

Hey guys quick question?????

Is there anyway to get more out of your stock rear breaks.......I have been reading no....only fix is front cable breaks......

the adjustment screws on the gear plate......which way do you turn them to get more bite when breaking .....out or in???????

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.....


Getting my used fg mt soon any that is one of t he issues explained to me by previous user........thanks


You might want to check out the FG Monster Truck Throttle / brake servo thread as there is some really good info on how to upgrade your rear brakes, something I plan on doing in the next few weeks myself.

Overall I'd say everyone would agree that front brakes of any kind really will make a big difference.

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