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Hi eveyone, new to this forum and new to large scale rc. I was surfing the net and came by this site, and saw this genesis conversion to a 1/5th scale. I am thinking of buying it, has anyone seen this site before or has anyone got one of these?. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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That thing looks neat! They say that the genesis can hold the power that one of these motors puts out but I would be worried about it. It is not made to handle the weight of that motor even with the extra shocks mounted like that. Also the truck is smaller in most of its parts and overall size than a 5 scale. The balance and capability would be in question imo. Depending on the price, maybe it's worth a try??--nate
i hear they are about 1200 plus. for that money i ll buy another Baja, or toss another grand with it and get the MCD or the K1 Gladiator when its out.

i like CEN gear. i think its GR8, i have a CT5, and its a great lil nitro.
i hear CEN is also gearing up to jump into these large scales.
should be killer if they do!
My gst diffs can't handle the power the stock nitro puts out, can only imagine once you got some mods to a gasser engine it would be goodnight irene to the drivetrain, could be an expensive exercise
Thanks everyone for your advices, even though it looks great and I'm sure the owner have tested it but I have the same conerns as you guys. May be I'll wait for the K1 racing Gladiator. Can't wait, I'm going to order the lot, full aluminium, 4x4, reverse, 4 wheel steering and 2 speed.
About the Genesis 1/5th: Get their price list and talk to or email the owner. The price list has a full suspension for it that can handle most anything. Problem is it's not sold as a kit the reason being different spring weights, different shocks and whether you want to run 8 or 16 shocks. Check the whole thing out to see everything they offer.
I have a GST hopped up..Modified engine,,ported sleeve and crank....alloy nova head..different wheels and tires..
I do not run it as I have the firehammer now..I never had any problems with the
Gst..I did change to nemesis diff and front drive shaft..My Gst just sits there being a shelf queen ...I don't think I will go back to nitro ...I like my firehammer now after all the work I done to it..AKA Slawhammer
PS that kit is a waste of money...If you want gas engine then stay with 1/5 scale..Leave nitro to nito...
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