German international toy show ??

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Ontario Canada
Does any one know when the toy show is coming up.

Interested if the FG Boys will step up to the plate and introduce the 4wd Leoppard for 2008.???

New MCD suspension design??

Any info guys
My bet is on no 4wd from FG, they have scrapped the leo, its discontinued, the best hope from them is a totally new buggy - even the FG baja is based around an old marder design, hopefully they will come out with something new for the higher end of the market to keep them competitive with the likes of the elcon buggy

MCD as you know will unveil there new suspension design for the front end

Google is your friend, heres a link to the toy fair

Why would they discontinue the great Leoppard?? that is one bad ass buggy.
baja replaced it what are they thinking .
I think fg is going down . Over priced gear.
we will see what happens
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