Getting a baja!!

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Cracker Da-Hacker

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Cowan, TN
Yes my dreams are coming true i am getting a hpi baja 5b!
What should i get with it. ive heard outwear and stuff but ill be running on pavement until i build a track in my back yard. so what all should i get?
The tarmac tires will be out soon. You will trash the stock tires in no time at all. Other then that, A good set of tools and...... How much money you got?

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umm $1,500. i have tools from racing off road 1/10ths and on road 1/10ths and off road 1/18ths. my dad has 1,000's of tools. so i think im set on tools.
no racing just running around the street. i was thinking a jetpro V3 but not right away once i get more $$. ill get the outerware stuff at the same time if i can. why shock shafts? wont be doing jumping. tires ima wait for the street ones.
you may not "INTEND" to jump, but after you see the vids you will
metal gears for the stock steering servo at 26.00.
not much to jump around here its all farm and woods. theres a farm down the street that ive seen people bashing at so ill prob be there right now its all dirt so i better hurry and get this lol. just glad im out of the cold weather of michigan.
you only need 30 to 50 inches of 25* jump surface to make 4 to 5 ft height and 15 to 20+ feet distance speed dependant...!!!! gotta small ditch? or a piece of 3/4 in plywood 3 or 4 feet long and about the same wide? Fix it to a couple 5 gallon buckets filled with heavy rocks and set it 15 or so feet from some sand or other softer landing surface. let off the gas just befor you get to the ramp. and when the buggy is fully on the face of the ramp WOT IT. the let off when its airborn and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!
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well you prob read how my mini baja broke, if not this is what happpend. i was going about 50-60 and i hit a 4' tall jump got prob 20+ feet off air then i landed on the front wheel breaking the streeing assembly. well i fixed it i took my soildering iron and melted the plastic back togaather drove it around for 10 mins and nothing broke so ill have some thing to do now until i get my big baja. so yeah im happy 4 now.
ill run some of my rcs but not all lol. mostly the hpi baja.
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