Glad I didn't sell it

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Took out my Losi Aftershock Saturday to run for a bit in front of my house.

What a blast! After buying the Firehammer MT and Baja 5b I was going to sell the nitro, but decided I wasn't going to get enough for it and might as well run it around the neighborhood. Glad I did. I ran the Baja and the FHMT in front of my house after the nitro run and the damn FHMT flipped about 4 feet in the air after hitting a "bump" in a neighbors yard. If my car had been parked in my driveway, it would have taken out my Civic. :lol:

So if you are thinking of selling all your nitros and live in a neighborhood, hang on one to run. My opinion anyway. :)
So funny you would say that. Most of us still have a bicycle even though we have a car or truck now!:)


The whole run was probably a fluke! I'll be cursing it come spring or if another spring day ever comes back around here. Then I'll have to go in and edit the original post completely out. :)
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