Good thing I ordered the Steel pinion

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Yeah, I ordered one the same week I got my FH MT just to get it coming so I'd have it. I read here and a few other sites that it was a good thing to have! Well my pinion has wore like mad, and fast! I have the steel pinion now from Hobbytek and will be installing it today!

My stock plastic pinion has wore really quick! Anyone else's wear super fast? I'm talking I have 2 tanks thru this truck and the pinion is about wore out! Big time lash!
I ran my plastic pinion through a tank, it was in pretty good shape. I replaced it with the steel pinion by the second tank.
Oh yeah, I noticed a whine pretty quick. It should be fine. Just check your gears after each run. I went without checking mine (the diff) after almost 2 runs. Apparently the differential housing broke where the outdrive comes out causing the spider or bevel gear to become loose and the power just blew the hell out of all the gears. There is a thread on it in the clone forum here somewhere I think. Eventually, I would highly suggest getting an alloy diff housing (fg #8484).

I just purchased a steel spur gear and I really expect this thing to whine now. I'll let you know what happens once I get it running. I'm currently waiting on some parts to fix my last wreck. :no:
Yeah, the waiting for parts is a drag with this thing! I own a Hobby Shop and can't get the stuff from my distributor bacause like Towers, its all on back order!

Yeah, I keep a check on that lash after each run and its good on the metal gears, and the pinion and spur is alot better now with that steel pinion! Its just more noise than before, but they make some whine anyways I guess! I've been wanting that alloy diff housing too, but again, outta stock! :2guns:
Tower will remain out of stock on that alloy thing if you are waiting for it from them. I've read that people have been waiting since last year. I would order the FG one, it works perfectly!

I read on the other forum from someone, whether true or not that Great Planes owns Tower Hobbies. Tower waits for enough people to backorder before actually getting an order to them. This way, they get more for a lower price. I'm not sure how true that is, but I'm a bit disappointed with their parts support. I thought that since they compete with the very hobby shops they provide merchandise to, I thought the hobby shops would have access to the parts that came in first. Apparently, this isn't the case.

I worked in a hobby store in the late 80's/early nineties. the owner was always complaining about Tower Hobbies and how Great Planes always denied owning Tower at that time.

I ordered a bunch of parts from in the middle of June for some parts. Still haven't received them. They show they shipped them last Tuesday, but we'll see. I hope to get the parts before the 4th. They have great prices on their stuff, I just wish they would respond to e-mails and had a better site showing their parts that they sell. I haven't seen them in any forums now since the beginning of last month.

I stretched an upper shock mount and a plastic ball end a few weeks ago. Good plastic, didn't break! I just want these two parts to get the thing going. I hate running with messed up parts.
Yep, Towers and Great Planes are one in the same! Towers takes care of the mail order customer first, then their dealers! Believe me, I know! They own Duratrax which is their brand! I know alot of dealers that quit buying from them because they are competing with us that they fill orders for! What we pay is usually what you pay with the discount codes!

I don't think any company should bring out the vehicle till the parts are in stock too! If they run out of parts as the vehicle is selling and been out for a while, thats fine, but to release a new item, but not release parts for months, well that sux!
Word of warning about TQRcRacing.Com......they are slow and sound like they are very disorganized. I called them back today. I had an online order on June 14. It shows as shipped on June 26. Still nothing today in the mail. The guy I spoke with told me that there were some "lost parts" in the warehouse and they haven't located them yet. They would definitely ship my order out on Friday. I said fine and hung up. I called back a few minutes later and told them I wanted to cancel my order. He asked me why and I told him because it has been almost three weeks and that I was just sitting here waiting on them to ship. I told him to ship whatever parts he did have and just refund me for the parts that they do not have. He said he would do that. So I guess I'll see what happens.

That is just ridiculous regarding Tower and Great Planes. That is just wrong. Sticking it to the little guy. They have done it for years I guess.
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Yeah, thats no good! If you have the parts in stock, then ship them out within a day or two, if you don't have the parts, then tell me by e-mail or phone call so I will know to look elsewhere! Just don't drag me along and keep me and my money hanging!

I have my own Hobby Shop and usually 95% of the time send the part out that day, if not, the next for sure! If I don't have the part, I will tell you so we can see if you wanna wait, or look elsewhere! Its just the way it should be done! Let the customer know whats going on, if he chooses to wait, then thats fine because you told him the deal!
I just don't understand how people stay in business. I wasn't a demanding jerk when I spoke to them, I just wanted to cancel and the guy wanted to know why I wanted to cancel. For pete's sake, when you have my money for two weeks and your web site finally says my order shipped and it really hasn't, expect me to be a bit upset. I'm really blown away at the non-responses I get through e-mail from some of the large scale businesses. What's really funny is that I send an e-mail asking a question to HobbyThek in Germany, and also one to Raco in Austria, and I get nice polite responses in less than 24 hours.

Sounds like you have your business in order! I think all anyone asks is that they get some sort of a response! Hopefully that place will eventually get everything smoothed out.
Man I will second that on great business with Hobby-tek in Germany! Great e-mails, fast shipping! Faster than alot of U.S companies! Now thats just embarrassing there!
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