Got painting skills? DDM needs you, ASAP!

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For the Baja DDM is bringing to RCX, we need a clear body painted. We are open to just about anything as far as style goes (within good taste), we just want it eye-grabbing! We will ship the clear body to the chosen applicant, who will do the painting and ship it back to us. You need to be able to complete the job in time for RCX.

So: If you are interested, send sample pics of your work to [email protected]

If you are selected, you will get:
The eternal fame of your work on the DDM RCX baja
The picture of your work on the Baja clear body item page on DDM
A $150 DDM gift certificate!

Questions? Email me or post em here.
wouldnt it be sick if Mike Lavallee painted a body. it would be good publicity for him.

srry if its not quite on topic.

actually he does paint rcs. he did a boat for jessie james. check out the aircraft and boats section.

must be a fortune tho.

theres a hobbie store here that does painting. hes pritty good maybe he would be interested.

Maybe GeneralG Grant? hes paint skillz are awsome in my opinion! hopefully he will contact you :)
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