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This week was a good week for my Baja.
JetPro V3
RAMTech lower rears, front shock tower
TGN redneck pre-filter
LunaTik SS turnbuckles (they are :censored: HUGE)
130 DDM mints :)

Now I just have to get this stuborn pinion bolt out so I can take it out for a thrashing.
just incase you didnt know. you use the spare spur gear to remove the pinion bolt. simply place the spur gear on top of the pinion and the spur thats mounted on the car this will lock the pinion gear and keep it from moving while you loosen the bolt up. I don't remember if you put the spur on top or on the bottom for loosening.
everything is on now I'm trying to figure out how to use my Dig cam. Once I have everything installed I'll be downloading some nice pictures :)

ou la la sasoon, lol. Remember that comercial?

The pinion bolt snapped off inside the clutchbell. Its happened before, this time it was pleasant enough to snap off really deap inside the clutchbell. I had to take the CB off this time. One thing I do now is, tighten the pinion bolt finger tight. It seems when they come from the factory they are finger tight as well. The first one that snapped off, I was able to loosen it with my fingers.
It took a little while but, its finally done :)

Later fellas
put a dab of blue locktight on it. thread it in finger tight, and give it a small turn to snug with the allen wrench and let it dry. should be good. i think some people crank down that bolt, causing some of the failures for over torqueing.
thanks for reminding me, I forgot to dab a little blue stuff on there.
sounds like yours is going to be pretty nutty with that 29.

I happen to take mine out for a little run (in between rain drops, lol), man that V3 really wakes up the stock 23. I am really impressed, and with the silencer on its not loud at all. A little louder than stock, without the stinger on. I cant wait for this weather to clear, rain sucks.
Next on the list are the 20% springs.
Any of you guys running rear shocks front and back?
Should I only get the springs for the rear?

is there a difference between the front and rear shocks? i maybe running mine on the wrong ends of the buggy, it doesn't ride funny so there must not be much difference.
The rears also have the dual rate springs.
I read somehwhere that someone put rear shocks on the front and got a little more travel. Not sure if its true, thought I would give it a try. Unfortunately the weather has been crappy, rained for the past 4-5 days. So I have not been able to see if its true or not.
Looks cool though :)
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