Grass track?

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i,m not sure about aldergrove i know there,s a track being set up in langley on private land i think pipeous has been soon as i have my new mill i,ll be checking it out when its available i,m not sure how it will be organized probably through the forum it will just be bashin , havin fun type thing
It's at Crystal Air. Dave and Darryl, the owners, used to be partners in Savage RC, and later they ran RC Funatics. They just recently bought this property and built their shop on it. It's a tough thing moving a manufacturing setup. I have given them time to get their things setup and running before bugging them about an rc track. I finally went out and ran last weekend. The area has great possibility, but getting it finished isn't their first priority right now.

I have to go back and see them myself, but as I am opening my new business tomorrow, I have been really busy too. I don't have their number handy but you could look up the number and call them daytime at the shop and find out if they are into running maybe this weekend even.

Not only do they sell Ozone generators (I am getting one myself) but they sell these beer making kits that has to be the easiest I have ever seen and it makes a really nice beer. tons of flavours. can't wait to get my first batch of Ale going ;)
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