"Grim Reaper" outlaw build

John Parks

Needs a license 🤦‍♂️
Figured I'd start a thread on here for the outlaw build. Since their isnt a section for hybrids or outlaws I figured it would be best here @dougshould fix this 😉.

Parts are rolling in slowly from Detroit Performance RC and DDM. The reason for the name is everything is black, literally all of it. Wanted something sleek and dark. Hence the name "grim reaper". I'll keep adding as parts come in and what not. This will actually be the first outlaw with mecatech brakes as far as I'm aware as they don't fit without custom parts, which I am using.

29969.jpeg 30130.jpeg 30131.jpeg 20200608_133015.jpg 20200622_164203.jpg 20200622_164228.jpg