H.A.R.M Racing EX-5 e-Drive

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A quick Update:

Status: The e-Drive Project is a complete runner. Just waiting on the decals from HARM Racing Germany.

About the Harm Racing e-Drive
HARM Racing EX-5 e-Drive, is the only OEM configured Elektro Competition 1/5 2WD Touring Car in the Market. There is NO Officially sanctioned Race for the Elektro 1/5 in Europe. That is why FG does not have or plan to make an Elektro version of their Competition Touring Car. SAD!

Why HARM Racing Germany EX5 e-Drive?
I love my FG Monster Truck and wanted for the longest an FG Competition Touring Car. Unfortunately, there is NO Elektro Conversion kit for the FG Competition 2WD. Not now not in the near future. SAD!

I picked HARM Racing EX5 e-Drive. It was designed from ground-up and not just an Elektro Conversion of the SX-5. Oh yeah, every Harm Racing machine is Made-to-Order. The waiting/shipping time for a partially assembled chassis with installed hydrodisk brake is about 2-3 Months. Happy!


Harm Racing EX-5 e-Drive, can be ordered RTR, but you'll have to pay extra for Labor. Went DiY like many, I suppose. We Select and purchased separately:
1. the BodySet
2. Select Wings
3. Apply Decals
4. And did the Painting in-house. Not good at this, HaHa!

Next we need to select, purchase and install

1. Hobbywing Max6
2. Tenshock X-501s
3. Powerlock 2 Differential SCS M2
4. GRP Slick Wheels & Tires
5. Four (4)HPS CB700 - .07 sec/50k (2 for Steering 2 for Hydro-box)
(need Premium Servo - Programmable and Hi Torque/Hi-Speed.)

Oh yeah, a HARM Racing OEM Carbon Fibre Lipo Box can be ordered separately. I got one made and it did protect the 22,0000mAh Lipo 6s-82. And to match the Futaba servos, naturally pick was the 7PX.

Oh yeah biggest challenge was getting the HUGE Lipo is 22000mAh 6S-8S that fits into box. Luckily, LHS had one and itdoes 30 minutes Run Time. NICE & Sweet!

Sorry for the Delay. I love This Car!
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