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Well after talking about it for what seems like forever we bought a Baja a week ago and broke it in last week for our 1st try out at the gravel pile. What fun what joy....
When we opened the box I was all smiles! I did however find that all the shocks are leaking shock oil from them, both front and rear but more in the rear, is this a problem that is common?
I also found that the bell housing is warped and the clutch shoes slightly hit the bell causing a ping until you get them engaged, and the stock exhaust leaks at the seam.
I gave my son the option to use the MT or Baja out at the pile and well figures which he wanted. We had allot of fun and Finally got to use up our fuel in each without any mishaps.:) After the fun we brought them home for inspection, on the MT I beat the body up pretty bad but its been fixed, fixed, fixed so no biggie. On the Baja I was surprised to find that the steering arm shaft had bent at the threads and both front lower A arms are cracking where the "X" supports are in the center. I am thinking it is common for the rear bead lock to rub against the upright screw head on top right?

Overall I am happy with our purchase and my son moving from his electric and being new to 1/5RC is tipping it way less then the firehammer which seems to turn differently and causing it to roll easier.

Here is some video of our 1st trek out - Remember he's getting the hang of how fast to take it up the hill so it takes some time for him to get used to it.


Could you tell me? Will HPI cover any or all of the items that are damaged. I think they will but thought I'd ask.:helpsmilie:







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check the shock caps for being tight. there were alot that were leaking cuz of untight caps or bottoms. looks like the bottom shock guide is loose on the one shock pic you posted.

call HPI on those cracking arms, bent steering rods. they should get those strait with you. the bell is what it is. not much to do there except a Turtle Racing Bell. Modifier will also have clutch bell covers available soon! though the Modifier cover wont work with the NEW Turtle Aluminum Bell with Venting (not quite out yet) but works with all prior version of the Turtle Bell and the still Produced Steel bell from TR.

if i get to much more going, i ll be needing more hangers. lol

HPI should get you straight on the bad parts.

as far as the rubbing goes. the top yes, the bottom moreso. after a while watch the lower rear bottom shock mount.

the rub there is typically bad, and after the shock mount ring is worn thru the rims will rub the bottom shock cap and wear it out.
extenders help but for free, you can do my Rear Lower Shock Mount relocation mod.

just make a new mounting hole 8-9 mm toward the chassis, and you ll need to dremmel out the top part of the shock mount area on the arms to let the shock ride freely and not bind up. it also gives you about 1/4 in more ride height.
Yea my shocks were leaking out of the box. Called HPI and they wanted me to send them in. I opted to dissassemble them (Didn't want to be out of commission with a brand new car for however long it would take for replacements) and check over, nothing found really but after re-assembly they no longer leak so all is good. Have found no other issues yet after 1 gallon of fuel run. These cars Rock:cool2: .
Well filled the dif today - Dry. Great write up Eddy!!
Also found a strange situation with the front shock. The factory filled it about 1/2 full, and there was a spacer like the rear has on it. They also pinched the boot which made holes in it. I'm thinking mine was done on Friday.:clown: Also found that the rear diff boot is separating at the seam. No word yet from HPI but sure there busy.

Still able to run it so no big deal here.....:)


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did you email? Make the call Monday. they get ever other friday off to go play!!!! not sure if last friday was fri on or fri off. i called them on my diff gears last monday. should have a replacement this week!!!! killer CS imo.

they only have a direct line number, no 800. but i have cheap ld.
Hmm, my steering shaft bent to. HPI will cover that?
I'll have to give them a buzz. I'll have to do a once over and check everything.
I like the wall mount, thats a great idea.
The "x's" in the bottom A arms are definitely a molding issue, a couple of them are not cracked yet but you can see the crack in the plastic. Just something to look for out there.:)
I will try giving them a call on Monday, I called last week and he told me to email over the photos, but I will try calling again to remind them of the email.
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