Happy Birthday Gussy!!!

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Oh man don't I feel crappy...

I don't like putting in my actual birthday to sites so I picked a random one... I am 18 in September...

Thanks anyway though :p

The amount of electronics I bring into the country I already have ASIO (aussie secret acency thingo) watching me so the less the interweb knows about me the better :p
don't you just love our government here Gussy? I have been searching the net for some schematics for a few ideas I have for rc switches for lights and motors and I got an email requesting my intension's. What the???
At least your government takes notes for security reasons . I think our government could do with taking some notes from yours , then we might not have as many probs as we do now .
WHAT!?!?!?!?! That is crazy?!? Who did the email come from??

I have never been contacted, only once for downloading illegal stuff, programs, but that was when I first started, now I am alot better equipped.

I can point you in the right direction for a few RC switches that use components found at Jaycar or Altronics?
Australian Federal Police, I thought it was a joke at first by one of my mates but it was real!!! Any help on the switches greatly appreciated. Also you have PM
I don't know if you fellas remember the dc sniper here in the us. But as luck would have it I purchased an armalite just before that, and with my military back ground...well i spent a day in the company of alot of guys who wear sunglasses, voluntarily of course. Thes tested my rifle and then released me, after a ton of questions, of course. I was treated well though, my choice of lunch etc....never "detained". I honestly cant say there was anything bad about the experience, and if anything made me feel like they were on the ball.
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