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screamin chicken

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I am thinking of a MCD I like the Baja 1000 but I also thought about getting a buggy because a truck would be easier to flip.just need some help please I have a FG Stadium now and wish I had a 4 wheel drive.Also can you add a 2 speed to the MCD and are the 4 wheel drive faster then the 2 wheel drive FG from the factory.....
No, there isn't a 2 speed for the MCD cars.

As far as speed goes, I'd say the gearing on the FG stadium would be faster than what MCD ships on the racerunner but the MCD's come with enough gears for 12 different ratios, and from memory mine was factory fitted with #2 ratio, the 2nd shortest gearing - I am now running #4 ratio but need more grunt from the engine off the line.

From my short experience with my racerunner I'd say don't skimp on the engine and you'll LOVE the MCD.
so no 2 speed for the MCD but enough gears to be as fast as a FG with 2 speed, and like my FG I have a big bore kit what motor is available for the MCD and the best to go with.
The great thing about the 12 selectable gear ratios is that your choice of engine is not as important as it would be with a fixed gear ratio as you can gear it around your engines performance.

If for example you had a 23cc top end screamer that lacked torque down low you could gear it lower to compensate of if you had a beasty 30.5cc monster that just wont rev like you want it too then you can gear higher.

I should be taking my ported 26 out for ther first time tonight so will report back my findings.
When it comes to stability though the MCD is by far the best. The front end does not get light with alot of power. The mid mounted engine places the weight in a great spot. They all have the ability to get big speeds, with gearing options & engine combo. The MCD's do like a bigger engine, because of the extra drive line to turn, & the extra weight.
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