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Chicago, IL

I want to purchase a RTR Stadium truck from Under the additional parts there is an option for servo for brakes, what is that about? Does this mean that the truck would have servos installed? Would I need to buy a large battery pack to handle 3 servos if this is the case? Is this necessary, especially seeing this is my 1st large scale truck.

Help Please!!

Do you have a link for us to see what you are asking?
I'm thinking it says throttle/brake which is one servo running rear brake and throttle together.
sounds like the standard setup.

1/4 scale servo on steering. and one stnd size servo for throtle/stock rear brakes, and one stnd size for front and/or rear disc brakes,

i like the idea of the throatle being on its OWN. that way if there is ever an issue then the brakes are on a seperate servo altogether so you atleast have an opertunity to use them. unless you have lost power alltogether, then the only thing that will help is a kill switch that will cut the motor like the AMS one.
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