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It wouldn't be hard for HPI or another Co. to make a truck conversion for the 5b! It seems like I remember something on it from HPI that they were later gonna release a truck version or conversion. To me, I think that would be Phat!
RAMTech Engineering is making a coversion 5B. not 4x4 but pretty damn hopped up. alloy all over, outerwears, brakes, ect... totally tricked out. Stretched to 1/5 scale Rhino Racing CF Asgaurd body. retails about 2500.00 rtr.
I'm in Roanoke!

Hey USABaja, if you release a Lexan body, put me on the list for the first! I'm serious! I own a LHS and want to build a 5b Baja truck for display and the occasional bash, so I really need one!

Your Truck looks even more Phat in the Magazine article they did! The subtle stripes look good. If you end up with an extra CF body let me also, I'll take it!

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