Hi,my name is Jim and I'm...

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I've had mine for less then a month and have torn down and rebuilt both at least three times.I figure by the time I'm ready to upgrade the motors,it will be a piece of cake.
I love wrenching these things and want more,but running out of work room.Hopefully will be building a large worshop/carpenter shop soon.But for now I cant fit much more in this....
yup... i watch vids of other rcs on the net and i hear, Michael why are you watching rcs when you have one. (the evil white retina burner outside)

kuatto love your radio collection/rcs :)

i to have not ran my baja for some time (months agian the white stuff) and i have taken apart rebuilt around 4 times.
kuatto the snow outside your window makes me homesick....oh wait.....ill just go outside and run my baja in the sunny florida breeze.....what was I thinking??
Hello my name is Brian and Im also an addict and I have been sober for a month because this damn snow wont go away fast enough still cold and Im dying to test a few things.
Recon you suck:stick:you and your warm weather crap lol.
Hello, My name is Mike as well, and I am an addict. I just want you cold weather guys to know that today I am going to do my damnest to overdose!

gosta love that florida sun!!!
Don't hang up:phone:...Lets talk about this,why do you feel you have to do this?..if you think about it,you'll see it just the warm weather doing this to you!..you can get help...stay inside,we're on our way with snow..:boat:
Hi my names Jim I'm an addict too. I too have been sober for just over a month. Hey recon, I'm packing an ice chest with snow in it just for you.
I would love to have a set of ski's that where on HBF, wonder when they are going to be produced.
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