High reving engine

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Farminton Hills, MI
I have a MCD Monster truck. C29CC Billet Head engine. I have Jetpro Exhaust. The low is turned out 1 1/4 and high is 1 1/2. I am using about 28:1 oil/gas mix. After about 5 mins of running the engine idles very fast and if I WOT it boggs out, but if I gradually increase the throttle it will let me WOT after 10 meters or so. I have played around with the carb settings a little with no success. I am using Klotz 2 cycle with caster oil.

Other than that it starts right up and I have not

Any suggestions.

How does it run when 1st started? I would think if you had a air leak that it would rev from the start.
I would check 1st that the gas tank is not pressurizing, when revving, try to open the tank cap and see if the pressure blows out and relieves the symptom.
Have heard of 29cc head kits warping before, this might be the case as the engine heats up you see the affects, or a gasket leaking only when the engine heats up and tolerances change.
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