Hitec 5745 Problems

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Farminton Hills, MI
This is the second one I have burnt up. I only had it for about 1 hour of running. I have an FG Monster Truck. When I turned on the radio and reciever the wheels automatically turn to the right. Then I made adjustements to the trims and such.

Has anyone else had this problem?

What type of radio are you using?
What type of failsafe if not included in the radio system are you using?

When your tires turn to the right is that when the failsafe is engaged or not?
The tires should be straight when at idle with failsafe off. If you need to, you may remove the screw from the servo, turn the radio on with all adjustments centered, then reattach the servo arm and screw so that the tires are straight, then do your adjustments.
Adjust the servo so that the stops at the bottom of the linkage just slightly hit the bottom of the arm - Do not let it pull against the arm this will burn it out cause it will be fighting to increase steering when it cannot.

If this does not help give us some more hints!:)

Here is a small video if it helps:
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