Holes in Hardened Steel?

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Conroe, Texas
I drive a TRAXXAS Monster Buggy and even though it is not as popular as most others, I love it. :cool: The only thing that I am having problems with is the conversion from the stock, wagon-wheel wheels and tires. I replaced them with aluminum adapters (tapped holes and added grub/set screws) and installed wheels and tires from a Cen Genesis. The problem is that the set screws will not keep the adapters on for more than a tank of fuel. There's nothing like being the laughing stock when a rear wheel spins off in the grass. :crying:

Is there a good way to drill holes through the steel axles, so I can use a set screw/axle pin? I tried a hand drill (ha ha) and even a drill press, but they barely scratched the surface! I don't know anyone who has a metal working shop, but I will seek one out if there is something that can put holes in the four shafts.

Could a welder burn a decent hole through without screwing them up?

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I tried both blue and then red Loctite, but the wheel always spins off after a short time.

I'm sure you already have a good idea of what an axle looks like :)blush:) but here is a picture.


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i couldnt see on the pic if the axle has a flatspot which the grubscrew makes contact with,if it doesn't,just grind a small flat area on the axle and line it up with the grub screw.....should hold for longer at least......
Thanks very much for the replies! I think I will try to find a carbide drill bit (to make an indention, at least) for the flat spot on the axle. If I can just get the grub screw down into the axle a little bit, it should help.....even if I can't make a hole all the way through. :batman:

Is it due to the grub screw backing out all the time that is allowing the adapters to fly off? Did you try to file the grub flat on the end (Remove the grub grip thing on the end). just a thought.:blush:


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Well, I assumed it was the grub screw backing out, but after reading your question I examined the adapter a little more closely to be sure. As it turns out, the aluminum adapter has warped a bit at the point where the grub screw goes through to the axle, probably because it is slightly thinner due to the hole. :( It looks as though it is bent just enough to allow the adapter to spin off of the axle.

Unfortunately, I still think that I will need to drill a hole through each axle, so a pin can keep the two parts together, moving as one under the stress of the torque.
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If you have the oportunity or access, maybe try a machine shop, a machine shop hand (person) may be able to better analyze the area of concern or machine you custom adapters so you can run worry free.

Good luck
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