Homestead Race

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Just over the ridge
This was from another forum shows how sad 1:5 scale is in Florida or the USA. I want to go but I do not want to go alone THEY WILL LET 1:5 scale lay down the line NO VHT, No SUGAR water!

This could be OUR version of Sinsheim but on a larger scale. COME ON PEOPLE! Lets get it on.. They will invite 1:5 scale to drive on the MAIN straight as an intro to the IRL cars how cool is that?


Sorry about the whole 5th scale thing:(

It seems that when a brainiac says something stupid, stupid people
listen. We tried our best to promote the Sport of 5th scale racing to
the "mainstream public" but I guess the 5th scale R/C industry sells so
much product that they don't need to market their products to 60
Thousand people in 2 days.

Must be nice to be so confident in your product that you don't need to
worry about people outside the typical R/C world. But hey, its a free
country, several R/C industry manufacturers have decided not to work
with RC Pro to promote our Sport for financial or political reasons as

We put our best foot forward and welcomed all to be part of R/C history
and the ability to increase their market share. Some were intelligent
and jumped on this opportunity, while others decided to take a negative
stance towards RC Pro's forward thinking & Pro-active approach for

The bottom line is those that have shown negativity towards RC Pro's &
the International Speedway Corporation's good intentions to introduce
R/C racing into the "mainstream" have commited an error in judgement.

The ISC is investing approx. $300K on a R/C new track area and they
intend to work with RC Pro for a long long time. We value their
commitment to our Sport and they are aware that we do. Our relationship
is solid and we're proud to be part of their great plans.

See you at the 1st Annual RC Pro Homestead Miami International Fuel
Challenge! "
If i were close I would be there like Stink on fresh Pooo.
but being in Mi, makes it hard to go to Fla for a weekend, regardless of how much i would like to.

Hopefully, with some guidance and effort, i can help the scale and racing grow here in the great state of MI. any info any here can offer to help get things set up legally and properly to help ensure a successfull start, im all ears, errrr eyes!

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