How about a rear bumper....Baja style

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Melbourne, Australia
Gee, I must be really bored today tinkering around in the garage thinking of things to do so I decided to try and provide a little more rear end protection for the wing and bad rear end landings.

After rattling through my Baja 5b graveyard I came up with this. Its basically the rear roll cage from the Baja mounted with some alloy "U" and "L" brackets.

Seems pretty strong but a the real test will be my next visit on the track. Makes an awesome carry handle if nothing else though....





Yeah, now that is what I'm talking about!! That is some innovating thinking. You always come up with the best ideas Mono!!
BTW: can you take a picture of the HPI wing on the buggy from a top view? I was wondering what the width difference was compared to the MCD one. On top of which a white wing will match my paint scheme better that the stock black one (hope you don't mind if I copy you on that Mono?)....;)
Mono you don't know what you just did mate... that cage looks like it'd sit the jetpro pipe in it nicely and add some protection, plus a further mount point for the wing and/or wing tower. If you don't mind, may i copy when I get a chance?

Killer idea on many levels.
zouz10, don't have any other pics of the wing but will try and take one tonight for ya. From memory you just need to drill 2 new mount points 5mm in from the stock holes or 75mm hole to hole.

Good thinking Monaro, never crossed my mind about the Jetpro. Hopefully it will fit in there as it should help protect it a bit. As for copying this idea of course you can. Not like I have a patent on it or anything haha.

Seriously, its the reason I post on this forum. To share ideas and such. Off topic Its great to see this forum starting to take off as a few months ago it was looking pretty bare. Hopefully this trend will continue with many more interesting ideas to look forward too.

And ChickenLips, trust me you don't want me working for you. My tolerences are sloppy and my patience is thin. Besides I tend to do my best work after a few beers which is not an endorsed industrial business practice last time I checked :lol:
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