How about Aeromarine Laminates

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I have owned a 56 apache, and can tell you with a nice zenoh 260 and pipe in it you can wave jump for ever and never turn it over. I live near a lake and it never once turned over in wave jumping. BIG BOAT!!

I found one about 6 months ago with twins, i wish i had the cash for it, i would have scoffed it up in a second.
I'd like to get a gas boat in the future but I'm not sure what would be best for a beginning boater. I want gas because of the runtimes...

What would be better for a boating noob... Deep V or Cat?
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they both handle about the same, the v hull is more forgiving to mistakes and turns equally well in both directions.

The Aeromarine stuff is Top notch there website needs alittle work its kinda hard to find exactly what you need sometimes.

I would go for one of there prebuilt ready to run boats as your first boat, if they offer one with a clutch and a water pump go for that model. it will allow you to let the boat idle so you can ease into the throttle, the standard direct drive models are pretty much launch and run no sitting around idleing.

Another good site to visit is look up there enforcer super g rtr its a very good low cost v hull and is worth every penny and very very user friendly. is the website for aeromanine laminate boats search up ready to run or RTR and look through what they have available anyone you choose would be fine they don't make a bad boat, neither does warehouse hobbies.
Hey John, I did not know you had a boat, I had mine with me up at silver lake, too bad I just found out today.. :-(

Yeah I have a few boats but all are nitro powered. A group of us got into them pretty heavily about 5 years ago.....Now they just sit on the shelves.

What boat did you run at silver lake? Gas?
hi there i own an ac blastcat and the quality is of a very high standard its a very nice boat to run and i believe andy from ac boats checks the strength of a design by hauling it behind his truck anyway here is a couple of pics of my cat


hey modifier, my shockwave is a gasser... 26 Zen w/ tune pipe. It does approx 45 mph or so. I love the run time, approx 35-40 min a tank. I off-loaded my 1/12th Miss Bud Nitro, didn't care for the direct drive stuff. Too much adjusting on motor also.
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