How come there's more cool stuff than I can afford???

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Isn't that how it always is??? Not fair. I just finally reached the financial independance to scoop up a Baja(which rocks by the way, no matter now little I drive it) and now I see I went to the website to see something called the MCD Rally. Oh I want one of them, too! Haven't done the research yet, but I like the rally look and proportional body mounting. That thing would be awesome with a Colin McRae Suburu or maybe even a Stephan Peterhansel Mitsubishi Pajero. Yea. I'm a rally fan.
I agree it does look nice. I still am getting a Baja over it though. I just heard so many good things about HPI customer service and there are really starting to be cool hop ups for it coming out all the time.
i want the MCD but i guess im just a hpi kind of guy. i will wait untill they make something 4wd. unless i find a mcd in canada then thats another story :) possibly.

toymaker you will love eaither you choose. i kno because i have a baja, and a 4wd would be fun also! :)
Oh yea, I'm alll into the 4wd part, but the Baja has it's strengths. I wonder about that MCD though. Is the body stretched over the buggy body or is it a special chassis for the rally? I wonder how stable it is.
I think the baja will out climb it. I have yet to find a hill steep enough for the baja. My wife says Im obsessed because I am always looking for new places to run when we go out.
welcome to the story of my life.. lol.. I honestly think it gets worse with age.. I cant remember wanting so many different things when I was a
Man u took the words out of my mouth 4u2nv...I want sooo many things i've actually concidered getting a side job just to afford it...I'm working on setting up a 1/8scale Brushless motor speed demon now...and so far its getting really pricey.
only 1 thing would suck more than having more cool stuff available than you could afford. that is having no cool stuff available. I set goals, if i see something i like i imediately start setting any spare cash aside till i have enough to buy what ever it is. The MCD vehicles are still crazy priced i don't see what on them is worth so much cash.
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