How do they come?

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Hey Guys,

I guess since I am noob here... I can ask a stupid question like.... Does the FG Monster come in a Kit form, or is it strictly RTR? Thanks


I just got my FG today, it was all together minus the radio gear. If I'm not mistaken that's how they are sold, though you can by an RTR with everything setup just add fuel.

Most shops will now install the radio set-up before shipping it out. Good Luck with the new rig Woodie. I'll send you some spare parts I have.
Since Eddy is beating me in the tutorial department I've got to catch up. I'll be writing a super simple tutorial today and setting up my brake/throttle servo and then I'm going outside to run this beat.

I'll post pictures today I promise!

25:1 mix. no holding wot until it warmed up good, maybe 5 minutes. then GIVE IT HELL. i wouldnt baby it for the first few tank, get it warmed up and run it. watch your needles. by 20 minutes in, you should be able to wot it all day long, just watch your needles and check your plug color to see how the needles are set. rich or lean. light plug colors are lean dark is rich, shoot for a medium brown to a DARK Tan for good needle settings.
Thanks for the info guys........ Did I mention... I really, really, really, want one? Thanks again.

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