How much HP you got?

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I'm running the stocker FG Monster Truck motor which to my understanding puts out about 2.9HP. Though I'm waiting for my DDM pipe to come in any day now which should help things along.

Just curious how much HP your engine puts out and what mods have you done?

my truck has the ported 29cc stroker kit from daves and the jetpro v2 pipe. my marder has an esp ported g260 with an fg pipe.
on my baja i have a esp raceported zen 260. 4+ hp. and im running a D.D.M domanator pipe. i figure about another 1 or 1.5 hp with the pipe. so some place between 5 and 5.5 hp total.
a good pipe can do just that.
my 28.5 DDM RP kit is rated at 4hp. the TGN pipe im sure gave me another HP at least.
the stock G260 motor put out 2.79 hp without muffler, aboug 2.4 with the stock can on it. you ll actually gain around .5hp by removeing the stock can. but no one want to run offroad mufflerless unless you like tormenting little

fwiw, a properly ported motor will increase HP by about 1hp up to 2hp work depenant. add a reed cage with proper porting for it and you ll get anohter hp or so. then a tuned pipe will add another hp or more.

so you can take a stock approx 3 hp motor, get 1hp+ from porting, another hp+ from reed cage and another hp+ from a tuned pipe.
Once Doug (ESP) takes the time and finishes up his Dyno, then we ll be able to get some real world numbers.
I didnt realize that HP came in such BIG CHUNKS with these engines.
Are they that poorly designed from the factory?

Coming from the nitro world, HP isn't gained so easily.
I was thinking the samething... interesting to see what people are doing to increase HP and how much HP they have in their lil monsters.

alot of it mostly depends on the hands doing the mod work and the indepth knowledge those hand know.

one person can port a motor and gain. .5hp. another can gain 1.5 hp, and yet another guy can loose .5 hp. it really depends on how good the porter is. which is why this, like tvs and stereo equipment, you Get what you Pay for, imo.

and if you were to take a fully modded motor to a proper pipe builder with great knowledge of building pipe Matched for the motor its being built for, i dare say you may see 2hp gains if the pipe is built Very Well for that exact motor.
nope, never tried. though i have a few junker motors form some weed whips that run adn i may just need to whip out the dremal to see how bad i can Muck one up. my motor now is RPd from DDMs inhouse builder. my next RPd motor will most likey be done by Doug (ESP) unless i get real lucky with my whipmotor work, which i HIGHLY DOUBT!!!> lol

i d like to put my knowledge to the untimate test and see how much of it flows thru my hands though.
I didnt realize that HP came in such BIG CHUNKS with these engines.
Are they that poorly designed from the factory?

Coming from the nitro world, HP isn't gained so easily.
Its not so much a poor design but more of a restriction to keep all the other parts for exploding.With the increase in power there are alot of other things to consider on the cars there going into.Drivedrain stress is the major factor most people just put off until they start breaking gears and driveshafts and then they say hey whats going on here?
If these 1/5 scales tossed in all that power from the factory then they would have to beef all the other stuff up just to make it reliable enough to sell and that surely would make it very expensive and for sure cause sales to drop like a brick.
Rob ( ALRO ) who built my engine said unless you got a performance clutch you wont see the full potential out of your until you get one!!!!! He done me a 26cc Helli tuned motor with adjustable timing cover! billet crankcase,there is a tuned carb with k&N filter,tuning isolator block,carb raising kit,malossoi boost chamber,and the jet pro pipe,with a 4 shoe FG clutch biting around 8500rpm it has to be well over 6bhp the engine alone is about 5 to 5.5bhp
i don't no how much HP .. but im running a ported zen26 with a race tuned 488 carb with tuning isolator block NGK wire and cap iridium plug and a jet pro MB V2 pipe and still throws my 31 pound MB up in the air !
so for NOW its all good :rock-on:
I believe I have atleast 6hp with one of my motors and the other I believe would 5.5hp. Both are GP290. One is full race and boost ported with reed and zero drag seals and cremaic bearings stuffed crank and TGN pipe thats my 6hp. And the other is full race ported with juice box and zero drag seals and cremaic bearings and DDM pipe that my 5.5hp.
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