how much power can the 4wd system take?


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do you guys know if I put a 30.5 cc motor on the mcd driveline will it be too much power and it wont last meaning wear parts prematurely?
I would like to go with the mcd but want the same speed as the leoppards have.
do the diffs and gears hold up on the mcd's?
The diffs and gears in general are seriously beefy. Nothing like I had seen before in R/C. Not only that the drive shafts are over 10mm in places so I would think they could withstand the abuse of a 30.5 with ease. All you might need is the 2 additional steel transmission gears as the stock has a tendency to melt if overstressed and are also most exposed to debris being the lowest to the chassis. Great thing about the MCD is there are so many different gear combos you could easily gear the car to any powerband.
I run an ESP full modded and ported 30.5cc engine... the MCD LOVES it :clown:

It lets me run taller gearing without having to run an 8000rpm clutch to get it off the line. I'm running a stock HPI baja clutch spring, 6000 rpm I think (I maybe wrong there though)
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