How to get bearings in metal engine plate?

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Atlanta, Georgia
I got the MCD alloy engine plate, and it does not come with bearings installed like the alloy center diff supports. The bearings swap out of the plastic plate. I tried to heat the metal plate and it did not expand enough to allow seating of the bearings. I then tried a DIY bearing press using a workbench vice, but it did not evenly press the bearings, and I ruined one bearing knocking it out of the hole of the alloy plate.

Try finding a 10mm x 26mm x 8mm bearing at your local hobby shop!

I just purchased a 1 ton pressure arbor press, and I ordered some rubber sealed bearings for the plate since these will probably be next to impossible to remove from the plate once installed, and the metal shielded ones can't be cleaned vs the rubber sealed ones that can.

Am I on the right track using the arbor press, or is there another way to do it? Thanks.
in addition to the heat on the engine plate, try putting your bearings in the freezer for a while - till the reach -20C or so, this may help - the plate will expand with heat, the bearings will (hopefully) contract a little with the cold and maybe, just maybe they might go in
Use the arbor press. Putting the bearings in the freezer sometimes helps, but the condensation afterwards may cause more problems with rust.

Make sure you only press on the outer race. If any of the press contacts the inner race, you will probably hack up the balls and the races.

worst case you might have to use liquid nitrogen to freeze the bearings and warm up the aluminum plate too.

They are tight at times but maybe that one is too tight. check for that too.

good luck.
There might also be a bit of flasing around the hole where the bearing sits into. You could carefully rub some find sandpaper around this area to remove any unwanted material that migher be hiding there.
I have a stupid question what bearings should I use on the clutch side as all of mine are rubber shielded ones the only difference is 3 have red shielding?
Team Fast Eddy Offers Zenoah G240/G270 (4 bolt motors) replacement bearings with shields. Im sure you can get stock Zenoah bearings too that are shielded.

i would replace them with a shielded bearing as that is what they are designed to use.
i got the mcd one with bearings fitted , i had the kcr one and the mesh was dreadfull ,, got rid an got the mcd one,, sweet as a nut !!!!
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