How to remove snap ring?

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North America
Hello everyone, thanks for the invite csp1971!!

What tools do I need to remove the snap ring so that i can remove the gears? Where can I get one?

And what is a really good ball driver set for use with the Firehammer MT?

Thanks and look forward to hanging out on this forum. Looks allot better then the others I've seen ;)

Boundhaus make EXCELLENT tools includeing ball end drives!!!!
a bit pricey, but any good to will be.

you can also buy Snap Ring Pliers, which will work a bit easier and more reliably than needle nose pliers.

Welcome aboard!
Glad you made it over RareSolid, I think the info here is better than the info on RCU. At least everything is separated into specific types/brands of vehicles over here. You can also type things like "RC Universe" and not get it filtered! Good help here!
Cool stuff guys!

Well i am going to go to out local tool store and get pliers for the ring. I don't want to mess up and wreck anything. I also ordered metal pinion and spur gears., along with a cover to stop grass and crap from getting into the cooling fins and fly wheel.

Now I am just looking for some good cells to extend the life of the car battery for long runs in the sun :)

Talk with you soon after I get my gears in.

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