HPI 2.4ghz TF-40 problems


OK, we bought 2 HPI RCs a while back. Both have the 2.4 radio system, and both have the same problem. Zero range. My Trophy nitro buggy loses control at 30 feet, and the Bullet brushless at 20 feet. The ant. seems short, but I have never had a newer system, our old stuff had long wires and tubes. I also have a Rovan Baja clone, with the FS 2.4 radio, with NO problems whatsoever. that rules out our area having a glitch. Any ideas would be great, all batteries are brand new, then changed to make sure. The electric truck is fully charged. If I cant figure this out, Im going to throw them both in the trash, that's beginning to be my opinion of the new HPI stuff. No parts availability when they break, had to order from England, now Tower Hobbies is a month out on tiny front end pieces for the Bullet.... I think I hate these things.