HPI Baja 5b Tuned Pipe

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HPI Racing has just announced that they will be releasing an aluminum tuned pipe the HPI Baja 5B. The HPI aluminum tuned pipe set delivers more power and quicker throttle response than the stock Baja 5b muffler. The large diameter aluminum header tubing flows smoothly into an expansion pipe that directs the exhaust cleanly out the...

HPI Baja 5b Tuned Pipe
Thats cool.
Is it going to perform like an X-can? Seems kind of small to be considered a tuned pipe.
Another thing that struck me about that pipe is the 'list' price of $139. That undercuts DDM and JetPro by $30 and it hasn't even been discounted yet by a retailer.

It is aluminum so it may not be as rugged as the DDM or JetPro but since it is protected in the rollcage it may not have to be particularly tough.
the Milke pipe is aluminum too, being side mounted it is also decently protected.
i doubt it will be a real RPM monster only being 17 to 18 inches long, but should be pretty good. though im unsure how well the aluminum header section will hold up? im hoping its thicker so it will withstand the heat it ll see at the loop.
mabye thats why they did the coupler, so if there were issues, a steel one could be made and used.
Don't you just love Tower Hobbies 'Early June' status. Sometimes you can count on that time. There are some Firehammer alloy parts that have had the 'Early <next month>' status for 2 years!
HPI 5b Pipe

Got mine today from DDM $119 minus 5% discount. Installed it already and did a quick run. Awesome. Not as quick on the low end but better top end over my x-can. Nicely made, heavy guage alum. and best of all it fits. It's loud but sounds like all buisness especially when it comes on the pipe around mid-range. I also installed the new design Turtle aluminium clutch bell. Another fine piece. Just waiting on the Elcon clutch. Anyway I have more tweaking to do as I did install a new G260 engine and am running rich for break-in so a true performance update will come later. First impression of pipe kit is positive. Johnny 5b is now re-assembled(for now):clown:
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