HPI Baja 5T


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Upstate NY
So I realize I will most likely never run this as my 5sc has taken up my time and $$$$. It has a few mods on it and a few that are still in the package and its all never run.

So far it has a 26cc engine, with a Lunatik Rabid pipe(freaking loud) the engine will need a new clutch, as it looks to be worn pretty well. Killer Bee kill switch, which is mounted but will need to be routed to the RX box. Has Proline wheels and tires on front and back, Integy shock mount(I know I know) The body has a few cracks and paint is flaking, I'd give it an 8/10

New in box/bag

ESP 28.5cc big bore kit($130)
TR quick diff($140)

Has about $655 in upgrades on it, including the pipe, wheels and tires, kill switch, big bore, quick diff. I also have a whole entire engine that will be included too. I'm wanting $700 or best offer plus shipping or trade for an E-revo with some $$ on your end if it's stock. Sold AS IS