HPI Line of Baja

William E Burrows Jr

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A friend of mind purchased a 5th scale Rovan Baja for under $500.00.
It was a 29cc 4 bolt motor be failed to describe the make. CY, Zenoah or a BANGGood special?
He claims he install a kill switch. After breaking it in he went on his maiden bash.
It did not last long , he had a runaway, the kill switch failed and he crashed into a wall damaging most of the front end.
Most of the replacement parts are Hpi, from what I was told.
I was curious and called my friend Dave at DDM knowing that 5th scale Baja's are well over a $1000.00. He told me Hpi has changed hands 3 times and cannot stock any new Hpi Baja's.
He if ready to give up on the company.
Anyone on the forum know if this is true?
William E. Burrows Jr.


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As far as I know HPI bajas are no longer made. I would assume that includes parts as well. I have a feeling the availability of much cheaper options made the buisnesses model unsustainable.


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Good luck. I purchased a used HPI Baja 5R on-road and finding parts is not easy. eBay has some, but most others are limited. You'll have to look at other brands that might fit, read a lot on the forums.

I contacted HPI and they are no where close to coming back. I cannot recommend buying any of their stuff at this point, too hard to get parts and the company is a very lame status