Hurrax Crypton 4WD

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That's pretty nice, I wish the English section of the site would work without prompting me for a username and password!

Very cool though!
There is very little info at the moment. However, it appears that the designer/owner of the company is German and the car is to be made in China!!!!

It was due to be on show at the recent International Toyfair in Germany but I have heard/seen nothing to confirm this.

The quality of the parts appears to be higher than the current MCD range, although we will need to see a production model to confirm this.

The only thing that seems to have been overlooked is the provision of somewhere to install a tuned pipe. In my experience of racing/bashing 4WD largescale cars (on and off-road) a tuned pipe is an essential upgrade to get the best out of them.

At least it is not another crappy MCD clone.

this just in

Dear RC-car-fan,

thank you very much for your great interest in our new 4WD buggy!
The response to our Crypton 4WD is awesome and had been beyond our expectations.

In the meantime the production of the Crypton 4WD started.
Together with Ansmann-Racing our importer for Europe, we will be able to deliver the first models including the spare- and tuningparts to the retailers beginning of June.

More information on this you will find soon on the homepage of Ansmann-Racing (

Concerning the price of the model and the spare- and tuningparts we ask you to contact your hobby shop.

Due to many requests, the Crypton 4WD will be not delivered with white rims (as shown on the homepage). Instead black rims will be mounted.

Right now we are updating our english homepage. Shortly all the information should be available in english.

Please enjoy exercising our great hobby!

Your HURRAX-Modellsport Team
Looking over their web page, this car looks pretty impressive. I love the fact all the gears are sealed and the attention to detail looks excellent. I will defiantly be keeping an eye on this buggy. I better start saving my pennies now.
yip eeeeeeee

Hi guys i will have one on the 11th july this friday coming, so will post pics and tell you what one is like as my mcd evo 3 race runner eats bearing on rough tracks every 4 weeks i have to replace, lets hope this car is great.........:)
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