I want a Large Scale!!

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Hello everyone!

My R/C past is basicly driving Toys R Us Nikko Monsters, but I always wanted something serious, bigger, faster!!!

So, Large Scale came in! With some money to spend I quickly started looking for options and decided on the HPI Baja 5b. This was my setup:
*-Hpi Racing Baja 5B RTR
*-Metal Gear Servo Convertion SFL-10
*-Heavy-Duty Drive-Shaft (Dog Bones)
*-Outerwears Pre-Filter Air-Filter Black
*-Outerwears Pre-Filter Pull-Start Black
*-Outerwears Shock Cover Tribal Black -
*-Metal Starter Pawl for Zenoah/CY Engines
*-4200mAh DDM Pro-Match Hump Receiver Battery Pack
*-HPI Baja 5B TGN Redneck Dual-Stage Pre-Filter
*-X-Can for HPI Baja 5b
*-Silicone Tubing for X-Can
*-Chrome Elbows for X-Can
*-CY *Stuffed Crack* 29cc Big Bore KIT
*-1L Racing Venom 2 stroke Oil.

It would end up costing 1360€ (=1807USD - 921£) and that's about my maximum budget for the car!

But now I'm having serious second thoughts! Tha Baja is quite cheap, but I'll end up paying about half its price more in hop-ups to make it driveable!

I've been talking with R.C. Demon (the guy from fgandbajaspares.co.uk) and now I'm interested in the FG Leopard! But i seriously do not know!

So, what I'm asking you guys is to help me find a car for me! It may not even be the baja nor the FG, it may also be a monster truck or similar.

Thanks guys!

P.S-Some info:
What kind of car do I want? - I want a fast car, good for jumps. My biggest requests are that the car HAS to be great and fun to drive! Sliding rear end, good acceleration, handling and jump behaviour are important. Also, it's looks! The design is a very importante feature for me, that's the biggest reason that got me looking into the baja.
Where will I drive it? - In the country, lots of of-road driving (And I really mean OF-road) And some track driving, beach, large plane empty spaces)

Thanks again!
I cannot really comment on *which one* but as for the baja, I say just get one with the bare minimum first. These things are 100% drivable out of the box and you can continue to do so for a while.

The hop-up's i recommend that you do straight away are just the basic Outerwears for both pull start and filter plus a 4200mah Battery.

I always say to people, get the baja stock and drive it that way for a while, then decide what upgrades you want, if you put a big monster motor in it before you even put gas in it, how can you possibly tell that the $400 you spent on a motor, was even worth $10 over the stock motor!?

Just my advice ;)
Yeah, good point! I think I wo'nt buy the new motor head, nor the X-can. (Well maybe I can keep tha last, or buy a Dominator)
Eventually get the new head (or motor) and x-can for sure, but run it stock for a while so then you will know if your new motor needs to be one for low end or one for high end revs.

Same with the exhaust, if your end up bashing lots and bashing hard, get the x-can, if you end up spending more of your time on a track, maybe get a TGN pipe?
I agree with Gussy,
I don't own a Baja - YET.
But, This will be your 1st one if I read it right and in my humble opinion get it stock, learn the high and low needles, beat the crap out of it, break a few things and upgrade as you go. The most excitement you can have is upgrading and seeing the difference that your $$ made. I think as soon as you upgrade the pipe you will see a big difference and from there the sky is the limit to how much you want to spend. Plus, if you are merried let me tell you it is allot easier to hide many small purchases then one large one.:):clown:
But the Baja is an expensive and High-Maintenance car!

I would like something stronger but keeping the agressive looks! Are my choices reduced to theese 3 cars? (Baja, Marder, Leopard)???
Well, we all want a fastest, most powerful, drive everywhere, not counting the prettiest...but.......
If you want offroad, i would suggest a monster truck. Stick with the stock setting until you get comfortable with it. Then mod it slowly with a tuned pipe first. Remember, the more power you have, the more costly a crash will be. Also, other components have to be upgraded along with that power. I got a 30.5 raced ported kit with stuffed crank here but don't even bother with it yet. I have plenty of power from my MT for what I drive.
You can't go wrong with a Baja neither. So many of them out there. Plenty of support and upgrades.
Just remember, it's all depend on how you are going to drive it. NOTHING will last if you drove it into a bulldozer... ;):);)...Michael...
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