I want this baby!!

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well Troy from Largescalerc said a customer put a 29cc with the heli crapy exaust and big gears got 67 mph with a cops radar gun. I'm getting it sometime in april I plan to put a samba in it haven't decided on the engine yet...but for sure it will be ESP reed ported.
I can see now that this large scale is going to cost me!!! LOL I think the 2 stroke is going to make running often easier and more fun! I'll have to look into the rally car!
They are like $1800 bucks with the motor arent they?

amazing how out of shape those cars get, and still be able to get back in control
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$1800 w/engine sounds about right. I was planning on getting the FG comp. long wheelbase...but those are $1500, and not 4x4...that 4x4 is what has me sold.
I just watched that video. I just found my next large scale car!!!!!!!!! Anyone want to buy a Giga Crusher?
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LMAO!! I feel u toymaker...those rally cars are out of hand. I spoke to Troy from Largescalerc.com...heres my questions:

comments = Hello Troy, I'm interested in buying the MCD rally car. You posted on rcuniverse that someone had gone 67mph with a 29cc and gears...do u know exactly what gears he changed to get there? Also I'd like to get the Samba F1 for it but I read somewhere that I need somekind of kit to install the pipe? The stearing servos are 1/4 scale? Does the body for the subaru come painted?

Heres the reply:
The Rally Car that ran 67 mph was geared with a 39 and a 24 on the primary set and a 25 and a 24 on the secondary set. The secondary set could take up to a 30 and a 19 which would give it even more top end.

The Samba F1 is no longer being made. We are waiting on the Samba Pipe for the Race Runner which I think will also fit the Rally Chassis. They should be in next week sometime.

You would need 3 - 1/4 Scale Servos 2 for steering and 1 for Throttle and Brake.

The bodies come Clear, but they do have the decal packets with the bodies.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,

Troy Paluchniak
yeah now that I think about it 60+mph is pretty scary. don't know about the races..but where I go run my truck on the weekends its packed with people running large scale and nitros..usually over 30 people in a very large parking lot so this rally car if and when I get it will have'em going crazy..lol
I've ordered from Troy before also...he's a cool guy really goes out of his way to help out. Fastflee, u had me cracking up...I can see it now once I get to the park people pick up and go..LMAO!!! Everyone there is scared of my truck so imagine when I show up with this speed demon.
Funny part. I went to the MCD website to check out the specs on the Rally and looked over the Race Runner and monster truck specs as well. Not wanting an on road car myself, I then started looking at the runner and truck. There's a video of the truck going through 4 inches of snow. It was linked from largescalerc.com. So I'm looking over the Rally wondering if I can jack t up to make it a true rally car: half on-road/half off-road. Rallying is not all on-road, you know. So come to find out, the "monster truck" uses the chassis and suspension(most notably the lower arms and vertical ball mounts) of the rally car!! I see my next purchase!!!!!!!! All I need are some good tires!
Good find toymaker...please keep me posted...a dual role car I LOVE IT!

Yea. That's me. Mr. Dual Role. I gotta have my cake and eat it, too. Now all it needs is reverse.
Trying to find a way to fit an MCD Rally into my budget for this year now....23cc or 26cc????? Hmmmmm.....
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