Icepick gets a new Victory pipe

Craig G.

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Bend, Oregon
This pipe had been laying around my house for about 6 months. I ordered this Victory side mount from DDM thinking it was a rear mount! Total newbie 'looks killer, buy it!' tunnel vision. lol! I got it and actually held it all around my car thinking 'what is this?' I e mailed DDM and let them know I ordered the wrong item thinking it was a 4wd truck pipe or something. After I sent the mail I saw it was a side mount, something I didn't even know existed.

My last few runs have been alot of fun but I always roll it up early due to noise and just wanting to bail because of it. Maybe this silenced side mount will make runs longer? Maybe my stock cy 27 cc motor will like the pipe? It actually took me a few hours to get this on, but I'm stoked that gear that had been layig around is now racked up. The other pipe was really easy to put on and this wasn't. I'm very excited to run top shelf Victory gear!