Ideal B5 power to weight ratio

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Troy, Michigan
Does anyone have an answer to the ideal power to weight ratio for the 5b? My 5b is basicly stock with an X-Can and it runs very well I think. I have a new Zenoah 260RC that i could use and also several 260RC that are in need of rebuild that I could go the stroked big bore route. What I don't want is to end up with is an over powered car that is difficult to drive. I have many over powered Nitro cars that are only good for endless wheelies and straight line stupid fast speed runs and their fun but limmited. Most of our tendicies are to go faster and faster but if I am spending $$$$$$ on performance I would like it to be spent wisely and have a car that is as fast as the rest of it can handle. Any thoughts on this??? I don't plan on doing anything until next winter ( but that could always change:) ) when my cars usally get torn down, cleaned and readied for the next season. Some of my engine upgrade thoughts are the Stock G260RC, 30.5 stroked big bore kits or the Trevor Simson big bore kit. Anyone run the Trevor Simson stuff?
im ordering one and having the stock engine swapped with a zen 26cc as im sure it will be fast enough..... always remember "you can drive a fast car slow but you cant drive a slow car fast" its all in the trigger finger
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