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i cant get my motor to idle, its a brand new motor and carb.

its a 30,5cc OB with stuffed crank and a Jetpro pipe.
my carb settings is 2out on HS and 1.5out LS. the idle screw is fully dialed in and it does hit the throttle arm and its moved a few millimeters. i dunno how much its suposed to move it but this isnt near enuff. so i have to set the idle with the Radio. problem is when i brake it cuts the engine, this has made breakin a slow and painfull ordeal.

maybe i have the carb settings way ritch/lean and thats why it wont work?
i dunno.

help (again) guys? :helpsmilie:

thnx / Gus
1.5 out on the Low needle is pretty fat (rich). i would set the l at 1.25 out (1/4 turn in from your current setting). as you lean up the LSN, the rpms will go UP. so you ll need to back out the idle screw.

only use your IDLE Screw for Idle adjustments. DO NOT USE YOUR LSN to get a better idle speed. set your LSN so your motor goes from idle up the rpm smoothly, and THEN set your idle screw for a better idle. IF you lean out your LSN to much, you run the risk to lean siezing the motor FAST.

I read that this is where to start the idle screw setting:
Turn the large screw on top of the carb (the main idle screw) clockwise to the point at which the butterfly arm is about 1/8 inch from the closed position.

Hope this helps you,

Good luck,

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