Imex Swamp Kong w/Diamond rims

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I hate paying shipping and I hate sales tax even more! I had found the swamp kong kit on myrcsupply for $80 and $4.60 to ship,so I ordered and paid with paypal and by noon had my money refunded stating out of stock even though ths site stated in stock :nono:Since then they have filed for bankruptcy ...great!.So.....Now I need to find them somewhere else that has a low price and free shipping even if i have to spend $100,150 or more I have lots to buy.I cannot seem to find anyone with the free shipping offer that has them for $84.95 to $89.99.So if anyone stumbles upon someone that does let me know. Thx guys and gals.

Is this the item you are looking for? If so you would of paid 86.40 and this one will cost 90-95, why is that so bad? Shipping will either be in price of the toy or separate but you will not find free unless its a bling item to get you to shop their store more often or they have it built in the item. I guess you can see what free shipping and low costs do to the other companies.:)
Best way to avoid shipping costs is to buy from a LHS and have them order it, heck you can probably call around:phone: and get them to order it on your charge card and not have to go down until it arrives.:)

Good luck!
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