Installing the 2-Speed on FG MT/ST

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I've got my FG ST on the way, and I'm interested in getting the 2 speed setup installed on it. Can anyone reflect on how difficult the process of replacing the single speed is??

Also, if you have some links to the best place for guys in the USA to get ahold of a 2-speed kit, that'd be excellent!
most of our sponsors to the right will cary them. DDM i think may, but i m sure Python Motor sports does. if you call, talk to Tom Jr, and tell him Timmahh sent ya over, he ll get you taken care of.
I know Tom carries FGs and parts.
the 2 speed is not very hard to get on or off. YOu have to get the gear off of the layshaft(one for ring gear on diff.) Slide the layshaft out and slide in the 2 speed layshaft and screw layshaft gear back on.
Looks like Python has the 2-speed I'm looking for, I'm going to give DDM a call too, see where I can do the best price wise.

Darn imported gears runnin' me 200 bux >_<
Sorry RCNut, I forget you are here also, just not on the sponsor side. always willing to lend the good and straight advice as well!!!
Hey, one of you guys that has some knowledge on the 2-speed.

Is it similar to a nitro-two speed setup, where it shifts at a certain RPM?? I can't tell because all the images I've found are poor of the two speed installed.

I don't actually need a shifting mechanism (w/ Servos) to get it going, correct?
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