Is this a good trade?


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I just traded a new, built, rtr tamiya ford highlift, a built, rtr tamiya txt-1, and a hopped up E-Zilla and 2 3600mah packs for a used baja. The baja came with heavy duty axles (not installed but extra), alloy shock towers (installed), alloy fuel cap, extra new wing and bottom plastic plate, 9 ngk spark plugs, 27cc big bore kit (installed), x-can (installed), and a Hitec CRX radio. Was this a good trade?:) :) :) The body is a little beat up and it is missing the side lights.--nate
you don't really wanna know what i think. If your asking is the money close, then yeah it was close enough. I think a used baja 5b could fetch 600-700 easy on ebay, thats like a well used baja like new ones go for more. So if you added all the cash that stuff you traded for you could fetch at least that much on ebay for it. So yeah the money part was a fair swap.

I just cant see getting rid of my baja 5b for any electric or nitro vehicles its way too cheap to keep going compared to the electric and nitro models. By cheap i mean comparing fuel, batteries, parts, and time spent working on them. The baja doesn't cost near as much of that stuff compared to the electric models, i know ive had all of them. I sold them all to get a baja.
I haven't had the Highlift, but i did have a TXT-1 and a Emaxx which is close enough to an Ezilla. I never got them to perform the way i wanted on what was available cheap. I always had problems with either motors leaking smoke or speed controls leaking smoke, they were always venting smoke from some part that usually led to my wallet leaking smoke. Once all the smoke leaks out its dead cause every thing electric runs on smoke.

But like Eddy says if you like it thats all that matters, no one elses opinion matters.
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I misread i thought you traded a baja for the electric models. You did well enough then. I still don't know why any one would wanna get rid of a baja for anything other than a more hopped up baja.
Man i,ve had alot of rc,s but this one is the bomb..if i could only keep one this would be it i couldnt imagine getting rid of it..bottom line ..good enough trade
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