J&A Racing T3 Mamaba Buggy

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Hey guys,
Well, I am thinking about getting one of these buggies. It is a 1/6th scale and it looks alot like the Lauterbacher superX or even the Kamitiro. It is all aluminum and 2WD. Most of all I like the Price tag on it. I was wondering if anybody ever heard of them?? Any input would be appreciated.
Yup, heard of them, not much, i think one or 2 guys at RCU have em, but i haven't heard any running report. price is a bit much, 2300 for the T3 i have seen.
Actually I have seen them (J&A T3 Mamba) for $1500 with engine but no electronics, that is the reason I was thinking of one. For $2300 I would get the kamitiro 4X4 with chain drive (it looks pretty sick)!!!
Thanks for your input NoMoa I appreciate it...
thats a good price, as for the Kam, guy on RCU had one, he didn't like it, it was way to heavy for him, If you can score that t3 for that price, grab it.
Good luck!
RCNut's has T3s for $1500 with a Zen G260. Looks like a nice buggy. The only thing I have heard is that it doesn't handle as well as other all-alloy buggies. If you're just bashing with it then comparative handling may be completely irrelevant.
I plan on bashing. I currently have a baja but I want to get into something else... How much is that hoermann HT2??? It sounds pretty cool too. My LHS told me today that they don't carry J&A Parts so I am SOL when it comes to replacing locally. The Kamitiro is out of the question because any kind of instruction is in German. I am left to choose from the J&A, the Lauterbacher, or the hoermann HT2!!! Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!!!
Thanks for the input guys, it is greatly appreciated
i know a man who knows lots about them! infact i was talking to him about them 2 days ago. he drove one and was asked to drive it for them as a works driver. he refused because it handled so badly! probably fun for bashing or gleaming as a shelfy, but not a race car mate, sorry.then of course you cant buy spares off the shelf, you have to ring them and order.

theres absolutely nothing wrong with the ht1, although the ht2 is now available, theres nothing thats proven so far that its a better car than the ht1!! down to driving styles i'd say.
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